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Under this project children hailing from slums are given education with a minimum fees of Rs. 25/-. Various cultural and educational activities are organized at regular intervals. Texture printing workshops are organized to train the children to paint with the help of various vegetables and other easily available materials. Teachers Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day are celebrated by the children with great enthusiasm. Various competitions were organized and prizes were given to the children. The students are provided with uniforms, bags, tiffin boxes, water bottles, sweaters, crayons etc. courtesy Tate Steel, Lions Club of Patna and Lions Club of Patna Central. Full set of desks and benches were also purchased during the year 2017.


The centre is running smoothly. A new computer has been purchased. Children of balwadi and the girls of craft centre are being trained. The students who complete the course are being awarded the certificates.


Dispensary is being run by Lady Stephenson Hall Management Committee twice a week. Pamphlets are distributed in adjoining slums to raise awareness of the Dispensary and ensure that more patients avail the free service offered. Free medicines are distributed to the needy patients.


A meditation workshop was organized at Budha Smriti Park. The members followed the expert and queried him at the end of the session Cleanliness program and diet talk was held. The dietician explained the benefits of a balanced diet and healthy food habits.


Under this project, training is given to girls by appointing experts. A new Usha automatic sewing machine was purchased. Also an old sewing machine in working condition was donated by the floor member. The syllabus was revamped and is strictly followed. Various forms of craft such as stitching, soft toy making, painting, knitting, embroidery etc. are taught to them and their products are marketed in our cultural meet. Practical and theory exams are held and certificates awarded to girls who clear the exam. The executive members provide the centre with basic materials.

Apart from the above projects the Bihar Council also conducts other sports and drawing activities. They also have fund raising program in order to raise funds for their projects


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