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               2017-2023                                                                                   Ms. Rakhi Shetty                                                                                        Pune



19th Triennial/36th Period (2023-2026)

NCWI Headquarters

4/26, 3rd Cross, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560 011

|   988 637 7344   |


List of Office-Bearers 


President: Ms. Jaya. H. Padmanabha

Vice President: Ms. Amitha Anand Mantha

Hon. Secretary: Ms. Divya Rao

Treasurer: Ms. Ritu Musaddi

Imm. Past President: Ms. Rakhi Shetty

Individual Vice President: Ms. Aninda Sen

State Vice Presidents

Ms. Nalinakshi Sannappa (Bangalore)

Ms. Ranjana Chowdhary (Bihar)

Ms. Rita Gupta (Jammu)

Ms. Shirin Barodawala (Mumbai)

Ms. Subhra Mukerji (Nagpur)


Managing Trustee

Ms. Pushpa Hegde (Pune)

Ph: 98220 45680



Ms. Abeda Inamadar (Pune)

Ms. Mini Grant (Pune)

Ms. Nirta Akre (Shimla)

Ms. Utpala Mishra (Kolkata)


Link Office Chairperson

Ms. Pushpa Hegde Pushpakamal Bldg,

S. No. 245/104, Prabhat Rd Lane 3, Deccan,

Pune: 411004 (O) 020-2447 8234 (M) 98220 45608

Email: Ncwi_Pune@Yahoo.Com


Jogjakarta, Indonesia (September 2018)

We, the women in India sincerely believe that the welfare of our country will be advanced by our greater unity of thought, sympathy and purpose and by our united effort for the betterment of the general, social and educational conditions of the women and children of India. We do hereby bind ourselves together to further this object and adopt as our motto, “Do unto others as ye would that they should do unto you.”


The International Council of Women 35th General Assembly was held in Jogjakarta, Indonesia from 13th to 19th September 2018. The ICW GA was hosted by the local National Council of Indonesia, KOWANI, under the able leadership of Ms. Giwo Rubianto Wiyogo. The GA was attended by Ms. Pushpa Hegde, Ms. Rakhi Shetty, Ms. Sneh Lata Gandhi and Ms. Uma Soni from India.

The GA started with a grand Opening Ceremony with the President of Indonesia, Hon. Joko Widodo, as the Chief Guest for the event. The program started with prayers for blessing the event, followed by speeches by the dignitaries and cultural dances. Elections for the Office Bearers, ICW Board and Standing Committee were held. Dr. Jungsook Kim was elected as the President for the second term. Mrs. Pushpa Hedge, two times Past President of NCWI, Past ICW Board Member and current President of Poona Women’s Council was elected as a Board Member of the ICW. Ms. Rakhi Shetty, President of NCWI, was elected as the ICW Standing Committee Advisor for Nutrition. It is a matter of pride for the NCWI to have two of its members elected into the ICW Executive Committee team.

The ICW GA was attended by delegates of many affiliate countries like Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Turkey, Fiji, Lesoto, Island of Papua, Bangladesh, USA, Thailand and many others. Workshops were held with dignitaries like the Russian Ambassador to Indonesia, Ms. Lyudmila Georgievna, Fijian Ambassador to Indonesia, Ms. Seleima Veisamasama, Indonesian Minister for Women Empowerment & Child Protection, Ms. Yohana Rembise and our very own Ms. Ranjana Kumari from Delhi as the Speakers and Facilitators. A dinner was also organized with the King of Jogjakarta, Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

The ICW GA ended with a grand Gala Dinner where all the delegates performed traditional dances or sang songs from their respective countries. We are thankful to the entire team of KOWANI and the ICW who worked tirelessly to make the ICW GA a grand success.

ICW GA Jogjakarta, Indonesia

ICW Elected Office Bearers and Board Members & Delegates of Island of Papua


With Russian & Fijian Ambassador to Indonesia, ICW Elected Standing Committee Members & President of Indonesia Hon. Joko Widodo


Indian Delegation to ICW GA, Cultural Program & Minister of Women Empowerment & Child

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